ALEVE $3/1 80 ct + (excluding ALEVE -D Products) (exp10/29)
ALEVE $5/1 Product 200 ct or larger (expALEVE , ALEVE Back & Muscle, ALEVE PM) or any one ALEVE X Product (excluding ALEVE -D Products) (exp10/29)
ARM + HAMMER $1/1 adult toothpaste etts (exp10/28)
BAYER $2/1 Aspirin product 200ct or larger (exp10/29)
BAYER $1/1 Aspirin product 50ct or larger (exp10/29)
CHOBANI $1/2 Coffee Creamer 24 oz or CHOBANI Oatmilk 52 oz (exp10/1-10/28)
CHOBANI $1/2 greek Yogurt multi-pack or multi -serve (exp10/1-10/28)
CLARITIN $10/1 Non-Drowsy or CLARITIN Children’s 56ct or larger (expexcluding CLARITIN D) (exp10/8)
CLARITIN $4/1 Non-Drowsy or CLARITIN -D 15 CT + Children’s CLARITIN 15 count or 4oz or larger (exp10/29)
CLARITIN -D $8/1 Non-Drowsy 15ct+ (exp10/8)
CUREL $1.50/1 skincare etts (exp10/29)
ENSURE $7/2 multipaks (exp11/11)
ENSURE $3/1 max protein multipaks (exp11/11)
JERGENS $1.50/1 Product 3.4oz or Larger ETTS $7/2
GLUCERN $4/1 (exp12/2)
JERGENS $1.50/1 Product excludes natural glow, sol, ETTS (exp10/29)
TENA $2/1 (exp10/15)


ABOLENE $3/1 Moisterizing Cleanser 12oz (exp10/31)
ALL $1.50/1 All Free Clear laundry detergent etts (exp(exp10/15)
ALL $2/1 All Free Clear unit dose laundry detergent etts (exp10/15)
ALWAYS $3/1 Discreet Boutique Product OR ALWAYS Discreet Incontinence Pad Product 21ct+ or ALWAYS Discreet Underwear Product excludes 24 ct + 26 ct ALWAYS Discreet liners , ALWAYS Discreet 30 ct pads , other ALWAYS products, etts (exp11/4)
BLUE DIAMOND $1/2 Almonds 6oz Can (exp12/2)
BLUE DIAMOND $1/1 Almonds 12oz Bag (exp12/2)
BLU EMU $1.50/1 (exp1/31)
BLU EMU $2/1 Pain Relief Cream (exp1/31)
BLU EMU $3/1 12oz (exp1/31)
COVERGIRL™ Eye $3/1 excludes mascara ,1 kit shadows, accessories , etts (exp10/14)
COVERGIRL™ $3/1 Skincare Product (exp10/14)
COVERGIRL™ Face $3/1 excludes cheekers, accessories etts (exp10/14)
DOVE Buy 1 Body Wash Get one DOVE Men+Care Body Wash Free up to $6.99 etts (exp10/14)
DOVE Buy one Get one Free DOVE Body Polish etts up to $6.99 excludes twin, etts (exp10/14)
Dr Scholl’s $5/1 Insoles or Over-the-counter treatment (exp$8.95 or Higher) (exp10/31)
Dr Scholl’s $3/1 insole or over the counter treatment (exp$3.95 or Higher) (exp10/31)
ESTER C $2/1 60ct Tablet (exp10/29)
ESTER C $3/1 90 – 120ct (exp10/29)
FAMILY GUARD $1.50/1 (exp10/31)
FAMILY GUARD $4/2 Brand Products (exp10/31)
LINDT $1/1 Classic Recipe or Excellence Bag (exp11/1)
NATURE’S BOUNTY $2/1 Optimal Solutions Vitamin or Supplement (exp10/29)
NATURE’S BOUNTY $1/1 Vitamin or Supplement (exp10/29)
NATURE’S BOUNTY $2/1 Vitamin D (exp10/29)
NATURE’S BOUNTY $2/1 Kids Vitamin or Supplement (exp10/29)
OSTEO BI-FLEX $5/1 30 – 80ct (exp1029)
OSTEO BI-FLEX $7/1 EASE product (exp1029)
OSTEO BI-FLEX $10/1 120-180ct (exp1029)
PEPCID $3/1 25 ct + or IMMODIUM excluding 6 ct or LACTAID supplement etts (exp10/28)
PERSIL $2/1 l ProClean Laundry Detergent (exp40-150oz/15-62ct) (exp10/15)
PERSIL $3/1 Large ProClean Liquid or Discs (exp100-150oz and 38-62ct) Laundry Detergent (exp10/15)
SCHWARZKOPF $6/2 or Got2b Hair Color Product (exp10/15)
SCHWARZKOPF $3/1 or Got2b Hair Color Product (exp10/15)
SNUGGLE $11 small product Fabric Conditioner 50oz, Scent Booster 9oz, or Dryer Sheets 80ct or less (exp10/15)
SNUGGLE $2/1 large Fabric Conditioner 75oz, Scent Booster 19oz, or Dryer Sheets 105ct+ (exp10/15)
THERA TEARS $4/1 except for.1oz size (exp1/1)
THERMACARE $3.50/1 HeatWrap excludes 2 ct neck (exp10/31)
ZYRTEC $4/1 Adult 24ct – 60ct or Children’s 24ct or 8oz excluding wipes and chews (exp10/15)
ZYRTEC $4/1 adult or children’s Chewables 24ct or adult-d 24 ct ZYRTEC

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