Savvy Tip of the Day……..Learn Sale Cycles!!!

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Many people fail to realize he money that can be saved when you do some planning when I comes to grocery shopping. Most sales cycles are 6 weeks, so if an item goes to a rock-bottom price, purchase enough to last for 6 weeks!

Stores will host “mega sales” where the savings on items can be huge!  For example, a store may have cereal on sale for $1.29 a box.  Of course, you have a .50 manufacturer coupon!  That is going to make them only .99 a box!  Stock up and purchase 10 or so boxes.  Now do the math… just paid $10.00 for 10 boxes of cereal.  If you purchased them at the regular price of $3.79 (taking account the coupon too)  that would be 10 boxes @ 3.29…that’s $32.90!  That would be a savings of almost $23.00!!!

The savings will add up!  Be a savvy shopper & start following sales cycles & start putting more money in YOUR pocket!

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