Savvy Tip of the Day…….Couponing Lingo

savvy tip pic

Just like texting, couponers have a language of their own!

Below is a short list of some coupon lingo that you may be seeing in posts or deals, but aren’t too sure what they mean!  Understanding the couponing language ill make t easier for you to grab the deals!

Couponing Lingo:

P&G:  Proctor & Gamble coupon insert

SS:  Smartsource Insert

RP:  Redplum Insert

BOGO:  Buy 1 item, get 1 free

ECBs:  CVS Extra Care Bucks

MIR:  Mail in Rebate

NLA:  No longer available

PSA:  Price Starts at

RRs:  Walgreens Register Rewards

WYB: When you buy

These are just a few to start with, but they will definitely help you grab the deals!!!!

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