Savvy Tip of the Day: Always Carry Store Policies With You!!!

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How many times to you go to Target or CVS & find that different cashiers follow different policies when it comes to couponing??  Some give overage, some don’t, some let you use a certain number of coupons and other limit you to only 1!  It can be soooo frustrating!  sad

The best way to follow a stores policy, is to carry a printed copy of it when you go couponing!  I understand that there is a lot of “bad couponers” out there who take advantage of stores.  However, as a complying customer, we are entitled to their deals as they are stated in their store policy.  I think that some cashiers just aren’t trained on the policies and go off their own rules instead!

If you are ever in a situation when the cashier is questioning a deal, simply show them their policy.  Remember to follow all couponing policies for all stores!

Here are some store policies to get you started:

Click here to print Target’s Coupon Policy

Click here to print the CVS Coupon Policy

Click here to print Walgreen’s Coupon Policy

Click here to print Walmart’s Coupon Policy

Happy couponing Savvy Shoppers & Best of Luck on your deals!

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